Nature is really wonderful, but it truly is a mystery. We can understand the very bottom of the ocean as much as we can understand the inner thoughts of the animals living on this planet. We can only guess as to what their intentions might be, but we can never truly be sure if we’ve hit the spot.

Take a look at this footage of the goofiest Corgi you’ve ever seen trying to interact with a crayfish for example. Corgis walk on land, crayfish roam the ocean floor, it’s as simple as that. They have never met each other before and they don’t know what the other is capable of. So it comes as no surprise that they are both curious. We can see that the little Corgster Teemo is pretty hyped about this new acquaintance as he can’t stop jumping around the poor fish. We can only guess that he’s feeling very lucky that he has a new friend to play with.

But is that the case? There are a few other scenarios we can think of, and some are a bit more ominous than we might think. What if these two fellas have a secret language we don’t understand and are actually planning a big escape from their owner’s house? They might even plan to steal the last cookie in the jar all for themselves and the worst thing is, we’ll never know. But if we’re being honest, they’re probably just goofing around like the little toddlers they are and it’s nothing if not unbearably adorable! A true cuteness overload!